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Internationally Trained Individuals

Credential Assessment

If you have attended any education institution outside of Canada you will need to have your credentials assessed either by World Education Services (WES) or ICAS Canada. Once you have applied, will advise you of next steps via email. Credential evaluation fees will apply. 

Why do some programs require a course-by-course evaluation? 

A course-by-course (CBC) or comprehensive (COMP) evaluation gives Sheridan a full assessment of the academic work you have completed including grades. Offers are given to our programs to the best qualified applicants, and grades are used to rank applicants for the purpose of offers and waitlists. Some programs require that course work has been completed in particular subject areas, and this information is not supplied in a General Assessment. 

Additionally, you may wish to apply for Advanced Standing for work already completed at another institution. Sheridan requires evidence of subject matter, grades and completion dates in order to determine eligibility for Advanced Standing. Again, this information is not supplied in a General Assessment. 

When is a General Assessment acceptable? 

A General Assessment can be used for Admission to programs that require completion of Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent, plus certain required courses (English, Math and Science). Please note that if you submit a General Assessment for these programs, you will be required to complete additional testing in these subject areas to demonstrate proficiency. Testing fees will be required for each test that is written. Current test fees are found on Sheridan's Assessment Centre pages. 

If you choose a General Assessment you will not be eligible for Advanced Standing until you provide the college with a comprehensive assessment of the transcript (course by course). Course outlines will also need to be provided and translated, if necessary.

Can I use a General Assessment for a Post Graduate Certificate program? 

For certain Post Graduate Certificate programs, the admission requirement is a postsecondary degree or diploma. In such cases, a General Assessment may be sufficient for Admission purposes. In other cases, applicant selection is based on evidence of related courses and for these, a Comprehensive or Course by Course assessment is required. You may wish to speak with the Admission Specialist for the program prior to choosing your assessment if you are unsure. 

The list below indicates which evaluation is required for admission to each program offered at Sheridan. 

Credential Evaluation required 

 Advanced Special Effects Makeup, Prosthetics and Props    x
 PATAF  Advanced Television and Film    x
 PADAM  Advertising – Account Management    x
 PADMK  Advertising and Marketing Communications  x  
 PAMCM  Advertising and Marketing Communications Management  x  
 PANCR  Animal Care    x
 PATCN  Architectural Technician    x
 PARTY  Architectural Technology    x
 PARTF  Art Fundamentals  x  
 PBAAA  Bachelor of Animation    x
 PBECL  Bachelor of Applied Arts (Early Childhood Leadership)    x
 PBGBM  Bachelor of Applied Business (Global Business Management)    x
 PBAHS  Bachelor of Applied Health Sciences (Athletic Therapy)    x
 PBAES  Bachelor of Applied Health Sciences (Exercise Science and Health Promotion)    x

 Bachelor of Applied Information Sciences (Info Systems Security)    x
 PCNCT  Bachelor of Computing and Network Communications (Honours) Telecommunication Technology    x
 PBDES  Bachelor of Design (Honours)    x
 PBGDS  Bachelor of Game Design    x
 PBAAI  Bachelor of Illustration    x
 PBIDS  Bachelor of Interaction Design    x
 PBAID  Bachelor of Interior Design    x
 PBIDB  Bachelor of Interior Design - Bridge    x
 PBAMT  Bachelor of Music Theatre Performance    x
 PBAAP  Bachelor of Photography    x
 PBAPB  Bachelor of Photography - Bridge    x
 PBAWM  Banking and Wealth Management    x
 PBUSS  Business    x
 PBUSA  Business - Accounting    x
 PBUFI  Business - Finance    x

 Business - Human Resources    x
 PBUMK  Business - Marketing    x
 PBSAA  Business Administration - Accounting    x

 Business Administration - Accounting Coop    x

 Business Administration - Finance    x

 Business Administration - Finance Coop    x
 PBAHR  Business Administration - Human Resources    x
 PBAHC  Business Administration - Human Resources Coop    x

 Business Administration - Marketing    x
 PBAMC  Business Administration - Marketing Coop    x
 PBPRI  Business Process Management    x
 PCETY  Chemical Engineering Technology    x
 PCETE  Chemical Engineering Technology Environmental    x
 PCLTN  Chemical Laboratory Technician    x
 PCYWK  Child and Youth Worker  x  
 PCAJS  Community and Justice Services  x  
 PCWOD  Community Worker - Outreach and Development  x  
 PCANM  Computer Animation    x
 PCADC  Computer Animation-Digital Character Animation    x
 PCADV  Computer Animation-Digital Visual Effects    x
 PCPEN  Computer Engineering Technician    x
 PCPET  Computer Engineering Technology    x
 PCOMP  Computer Programmer    x
 PCSSN  Computer Systems Technician    x
 PCSSC  Computer Systems Technology - Software Development    x
 PCSAC  Computer Systems Technology - Systems Analyst    x
 PCCOM  Corporate Communications    x
 PCRDC  Crafts and Design - Ceramics    x
 PCRDF  Crafts and Design - Furniture    x
 PCRDG  Crafts and Design - Glass    x
 PCRDX  Crafts and Design - Textiles    x
 PECED  Early Childhood Education  x  
 PECEI  Early Childhood Education Intensive    x
 PCESD  Educational Support    x
 PEDSI  Educational Support - Intensive               x
 PETEQ  Electrical Techniques  x  
 PELTN  Electromechanical Engineering Technician    x
 PEMTY  Electromechanical Engineering Technology    x
 PEETN  Electronics Engineering Technician    x
 PELTY  Electronics Engineering Technology    x
 PEMGD  Emergency Management (1 yr.)    x
 PEDMD  Enterprise Database Management    x
 PENCT  Environmental Control    x
 PENST  Environmental Technician    x
 PFINP  Financial Planning    x
 PFITL  Fundamentals of Fitness Leadership  x  
 PGDAP  Game Development Advanced Programming    x
 PGLDS  Game Level Design    x
 PGASC  General Arts and Science – College Profile  x  
 PGASH  General Arts and Science - Health Profile  x  
 PGAUC  General Arts and Science - University Profile 1 Year    x
 PGASU  General Arts and Science – University Profile    x
 PHDTN  Help Desk Technician    x
 PHRMC  Human Resources Management    x
 PITSC  Information Technology Support Services Coop    x
 PINMM  Interactive Multimedia    x
 PINDE  Interior Decorating    x
 PINTC  International Business Coop    x
 PICTC  Internet Communications Technology Coop    x
 PIPAP  Investigation-Public and Private  x  
 PBRJR  Journalism - Broadcast    x
 PJRNM  Journalism - New Media    x
 PJOUR  Journalism - Print    x
 PMMCA  Makeup for Media and Creative Arts  x  
 PMFMT  Manufacturing Management    x
 PMKMC  Marketing Management Coop    x
 PMETN  Mechanical Engineering Technician    x
 PMETD  Mechanical Engineering Technician Drafting    x
 PMETY  Mechanical Engineering Technology    x
 PMEDD  Mechanical Engineering Technology Design/ Drafting    x
 PMTTM  Mechanical Technician - Tool Making  x  
 PMTTD  Mechanical Techniques - Tool and Die Maker  x  
 PLUMB  Mechanical Techniques - Plumbing  x  
 PMEDA  Media Arts x  
 PMDAF  Media Fundamentals x  
 POFAE  Office Administration - Executive x  
 POFAD  Office Administration - General x  
 POFAL  Office Administration - Legal x  
 POFLC  Office Administration- Legal Coop x  
 POFAM  Office Administration - Health Services
 PARAL  Paralegal x  
 PPAPN  Performing Arts - Preparation x  
 PPSWK  Personal Support Worker x  
 PPHTO  Pharmacy Technician   x
 PPOLF  Police Foundations  
 PPNSG  Practical Nursing   x
 PPRJM  Project Management   x
 PQUAS  Quality Assurance Manufacturing and Management   x
 PRPHA  Retail Pharmacy Assistan x  
 PSSWK  Social Service Worker x  
 PSSWK  Social Service Worker- Immigrant and Refugee Stream x  
 PSSWG  Social Service Worker-Gerontology x  
 PTTLP  Technical Production for Theatre and Live Events x  
 PTECH  Technology Fundamentals x  
 PTOTR  Tourism and Travel x  
 PVETT  Veterinary Technician   x
 PCVAT  Visual and Creative Arts x  
 PCVAD  Visual and Creative Arts - Advanced x  
 PVMAS  Visual Merchandising Arts x  
 PNMED  Web Design    x
 PWLDT  Welding Techniques x  

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